Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Darling... You are the center of someone's universe.

I have a hunch that you, or someone you know, really needs to hear those words today. And not just read them. I mean hear them. Really, really hear them. Let them sink in.

Darling... You are the center of someone's universe.

Even if you don't think you are. Because just by being you, you make somebody's world spin. Keep them on track. Put a smile on their face. Make them feel loved. Valued. Worthy.

You are the center of someone's universe.

No really, you are.

You are the center of someone's universe.


It's a sweet, special thing when you're the person someone calls when they need someone to talk to. When you're the first person on their mind when they just need to vent a while. When they need a shoulder, a friend. And they text you because they know you'll be quick to reply. When you know with every ounce of your being that you'd drop everything to see them, because they'd do the same for you. When a week, or even a few days, seems way too long to go without talking. And there's just so much "life" stuff to share when you're together. When you laugh about the stupid things, and cry about the harder ones.

That, my friends, is deeper than friendship.

It's no secret that one of our deepest human desires is to feel wanted & needed. We spend almost our entire lives in search of affection, love, connection. We crave intimacy and friendship and partnership, because we really weren't mean to go through life alone.

Because the precious truth, and something we all need to hear (and regardless of whether you're single, married, divorced, dating, etc.), is that you are the center of someone's universe.

Someone cares about the way you laugh.
Someone admires the way you smile.
Someone thinks about you when they wake up in the morning.
     Before they go to bed at night.
Someone remembers that time you wouldn't want anyone else to remember.
     And laughs about it with you.
     And calls it a beautiful memory.
Someone thinks you're important.
Someone definitely thinks you're beautiful.
Someone is glad to know you; glad that you're the center of their universe.

So keep on being you, precious one.

Because you is pretty d-a-r-n wonderful.


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  1. I'm really glad that I saw this post. Every now and then I like to be reminded that I am important and wanted by someone, somewhere.